About Us

Here at Grassroots Staffing Group, we come to work every day with the same goal in mind… to help you grow. From helping you find the perfect job to assisting you in all your staffing needs, GSG is by your side each step of the way. We, at GSG, are committed to focusing on our customers’ needs and demands while striving to be the most respected and sought-after staffing company around. Our team is derived from highly qualified individuals with extensive knowledge, background, and staffing experience to help take you or your company to the next level.

Grassroots Mentality

GSG stands for Grassroots Staffing Group.  And with most names there is a story behind it.  In our case, it’s simple.  We believe in a “Grassroots” mentality.  In other words, we want to take great initiative from the ground level up. A strong foundation is the key component to our success

Meet The Team

David Rosen


Born and raised in Chicago. David attended the University of Kansas where he received his bachelor’s degree in business. He has over 12yrs in the staffing industry and is dedicated to being the most honest and valued staffing company.

Karen Rosen


Born and raised in Chicago. Karen attended the University of Kansas where she received her bachelor’s degree in _enter_. She has over 10yrs in the staffing industry and is dedicated to helping Grassroots succeed in any way she can.

Joe Widuch

Business Development Manager

Chicago Native. Came to California to attend the University of Redlands. Received his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Business with a passion to thrive in the cannabis industry. Joe is dedicated to growing Grassroots into the most sought-after cannabis staffing company in the Coachella Valley.

Erika Battke

Operations Manager

Born and raised in great Coachella Valley. Erika has spent over 3years in the cannabis industry. She is dedicated to making Grassroots a smooth operation at every step of the way.

Hector Galindo


Born in Baja California and raised in the Coachella Valley. Hector has a true passion for cannabis and has worked in multiple farms since 2014. He is now dedicated to finding every candidate with that same passion in a position that will help them thrive.

Ricardo Cortez

Office Assistant

Born in the Coachella Valley. Ricardo attended CSUSB where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He is dedicated to helping all areas of Grassroots Staffing thrive and helping all associates navigate their path to success.